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With its easy integration with social media channels by using our AI-Powered conversational platform, Kait can take your business to the next level of customer service, marketing & sales.
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Brands that trust Kait

  • richter
  • hopo
  • bread talk
  • design destination
  • i am negative
  • mj burger
  • nail salon
  • china lake
  • target
  • ever
  • over jar
  • smart mind institute
  • portarage
  • s and h
  • place
  • new life clinic

Inbox by KAIT

All your channels in one inbox! Directly receive messages from social media channels and messaging apps. We make customer management more effortless with a shared team Inbox with automated features in the market. It allows multiple users to sign in to the dashboard-all at once! Together track the critical metrics with Kait’s WhatsApp business API, Instagram, Twitter & more..

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Omnichannel Solution
WhatsApp Business API
Receive WhatsApp messages using multiple screens! and by using WhatsApp commerce messages you can receive orders too! send notifications to your clients such as offers, booking confirmation and tracking. On top of that, activate your own AI powered chatbot
Instagram API
Instagram offers personal connection at every phase of the customer journey. The Messenger API for Instagram enables brands to connect with customers on their preferred messaging channel
Google Business Messages
Business Messages is a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results.
Twitter API
Build better-personalized customer experiences at scale as well as other innovative interactions. To help create more engaging customer service, marketing, and user engagement experiences in twitter Direct Messages.
Reach clients across multiple platforms
We simply connect Businesses to their Clients through their favorite communication channels, whether it's a social media platform, messaging apps or your Website.
Amount of people in Kuwait using social media platforms supported by Kait:
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Whatsapp Client Reach
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Customer service made fast and easy

AI makes the difference!
The advantage of using AI gives you the ability to text using your preferred language in a dynamic process.

Kait business chat wasn’t built only to handle a greater volume of calls in the same time, it can understand and handle a multiple orders per sentence in an organized and intelligent way!

Service packages
Service Pack
Inbox by Kait
Unlimited free Whatsapp messages
All Social media Channels
Chatbot Builder
Quick Responses
No setup fees
16 KD agent/month
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