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9 Types of WhatsApp Templates to Engage with Customers

July 28, 2022 5 min read

9 Types of WhatsApp Templates to Engage with Customers

People are addicted to social networking and chatting applications nowadays. The emergence of these social media platforms has enabled users to interact and communicate with their near and close ones. The app leading the social media world is WhatsApp, with best-in-class features and user interface. It has boosted its popularity far more than its competitors. It is the main reason that most users across the globe opt for WhatsApp over any other chatting application. The privacy and security features of WhatsApp are very effective and end-to-end encrypted. It prevents any leakage of conversations. However, WhatsApp is not only for personal chatting and chats. Companies can also use it for business purposes. Millions of companies from around the globe are using WhatsApp to broaden their reach and improve their engagement. The Whatsapp message templates feature eases the business owners and officials' load as businesses can automate the messages based on the queries.

Steps to Send a WhatsApp Message Template for Approval

Suppose you are new to online business or planning to operate it on social media or online platforms. Here, you should opt for the WhatsApp Message template, as it allows companies and businesses to engage more with their audiences. However, approval must be there of the WhatsApp Message Template before implementing them for automation. There are mainly two steps involved for WhatsApp Template approval. Here we will discuss the two steps to assist beginners in online business to boost their reach and businesses.

Submission of WhatsApp Template via Provider

It is one of the hassle-free techniques to get your message templates approved. However, the complexity depends on the kind of provider you are opting for approval purposes. Choosing a provider experienced in the field is always advisable. The experience of these providers plays a vital role in dealing with the technicalities of the templates. So, if you are determined to implement a message template for your business, opt for an experienced provider. It is one of the best ways to approve your message templates successfully.

Submitting the Templates Directly with the help of the Facebook Business Manager

If you are technically sound and confident to create a Whatsapp message template, then you can create one with the help of the Facebook Business Manager. However, there are a few steps that you need to follow to send the Whatsapp message template for approval successfully. The steps are –

These steps you need to follow if you plan to create a message template for WhatsApp on your own. Both the steps mentioned are equally practical, and you can opt for any one of the techniques to get your template approved. However, most clients and business owners choose providers for approval as it is hassle-free. Kait appears as a saviour by providing the ultimate solution for creating and approving Whatsapp message templates. The professional team of Kait guides the companies regarding the type of templates for engaging and attracting more audiences to the business.


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Top 9 Types of Message Templates on Whatsapp to Engage More with the Audiences

Here we will discuss the types of Message Templates you can create to engage more with your clients and customers.

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The First Contact Templates

The first contact templates are the simplest and the most commonly used message templates on WhatsApp. These templates intend to respond to queries of newer customers and audiences. You can easily create these first contact templates for engaging with more unique customers and audiences. These templates are very effective in creating an excellent first impression in the minds of the customers.

The Thank You Templates

The Thank You message templates are standard and intend to greet the audience after purchasing some products or services. Many companies create and send these templates to customers for better interaction and engagement after selling their goods or services.

The Surveys Templates

Companies and businesses automate the Surveys Template to get feedback on their products and services. The input can effectively identify flaws, rectify mistakes, and improve business standards.

The Birthday Greet Templates

These templates automatically greet the customers and clients on their birthdays. It is a healthy form of engagement and creates a positive impact in the minds of the clients and customers. Most companies and businesses create birthday greet templates to engage more with their clients.

The Promotional Templates

The Promotional Templates focus on promoting various services and products launched by the companies to the audiences. These messages go to those customers and clients who have enabled the promotion notification settings. These message templates can boost your sales effectively.

The Festive Greet Templates

The Festive Greet Templates are especially to greet the customers and audiences in the festive seasons like Christmas, Diwali, New Year, etc. These templates can attract tons of audiences to your social handles and boost your reputation and sales in the market.

The New Product or Service Launch Templates

These templates are similar to promotional templates and intend to notify the clients and audiences about the launch of new products or services.

The Purchase Reminder Templates

The companies create the Purchase Reminder Templates to remind and notify the clients about sales or discounts. These templates are very effective in attracting audiences. It would be best if you created these templates to impact your sales.

The Support Templates

The Support Templates support the clients and assist them in contacting the company officials in case of queries or other issues like a replacement, refunds, etc.

Wrapping Up

These are the top Whatsapp message templates used globally to interact quickly and handle many customers. These message templates will surely help you to boost your sales and reputation in the market.