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Undoubtedly, there are winners in the game. So we provide you the access to use AI chatbots and communication APIs such as WhatsApp API, Instagram API, and Twitter API to integrate with your business

How your Hospitality brand can use Kait’s Services?

Facebook has 1.2 billion monthly users, and thus Messenger Tools are now where your business should be! In addition, you should agree that these are excellent engagement tools that your hospitality business should focus on as a priority. Indeed, the communication APIs are a must-have for todays’ hotel marketing.

We give you a clear idea of how you can leverage AI chatbots and communication APIs for your business.

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See what you inform the customers before check-in
See what you inform the customers before check-in

You can offer coupons to those who abandon their bookings through WhatsApp API messages. Plus, the AI chatbots would be conversing on your behalf to know about the reasons of a user for withdrawal. Sending the message blast at the right time is the need of the hour, and Messenger chatbots will be perfect in this case.

Notification during check-in
Notification during check-in

You can directly establish chatbot conversations with the users. And ask about their needs while upselling your hotel events. Then, choose an idea to onboard the meal offers through personal conversation using Messenger or WhatsApp API messages.

Don’t forget to acknowledge the customers after check-in
Don’t forget to acknowledge the customers after check-in

AI chatbots are perfect for earning the data you need to reach lost customers. Also, if there are repeat customers, make sure you take their feedback to improvise on your marketing strategies. With the help of Kait’s AI chatbots, you get access to a single intelligent dashboard that shows all sent messages and the data collected for each conversation.

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Advantages of Kait’s services to your hospitality business

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Improve Sales

Your hospitality business can be the best today, but who knows about it. With the proper integration of the WhatsApp and Instagram Business APIs, you can make it visible for the digital world. A study shows that 8 in 10 users are bound to follow their favorite brand on Instagram- which constitutes 14% of the users. Now, you can get them directly with the help of customized messages with Kait.

Creating your community

Using communication APIs while pairing them with advanced live chatbots is the perfect way to knock your user’s phone! You can post about your hospitality business events, give-away treats, or coupons to engage more customers and thus build a sustainable community. This will ultimately enhance the interaction between your customers with your brand.

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building your reputation

Building your Reputation

Reputation comes from your customers, and users turn customers when you are available to answer their queries. The AI-powered chatbots from Kait are the perfect way to get along their journey. You can track their preferences and get their attention while keeping up your business values. In this manner, hospitality businesses gain the trust of the customers.

Create Quick Support System

Users may find your hospitality business online. But before making a deal then and there, most customers want to know answers to their questions. Some may be repetitive ones. And here is where our chatbots win the game. Around 70% of the repetitive queries can be handled automatically by our chatbots.

Bot Quick Support System
no language and time barrier

No language and time barrier

Your online hospitality business is ON 24/7. So, there should be a system to deliver exemplary service to your customers irrespective of the language and time barrier. Chatbots represent your hospitality services seven days a week and 24 hours a day! That means, whether your office timings may vary for human customer agents, chatbots make sure your online presence is not hampered.

Embrace the tech change to provide a better customer experience for your hospitality business. Indeed, it’s a win-win opportunity for all digital companies.

So, what are you waiting for

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