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Features of Instagram Business API to look for!

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Instagram APi Business
Instagram Messenger API

With Instagram messenger API, your customers get the flexibility to choose their favorite messaging channel. Yes, it directly connects your customers to the brands and thus, helps enhance customer engagement. Kait is the leading Instagram business API solution provider to simplify your work to connect and respond to customers. In addition, you get AI-Driven technology to automate your chats and conversations to impact your brand positively. Also, the Instagram Messenger API is capable of managing high volumes of messaging. So, it turns the customer conversations into legit and fruitful business outcomes.

Instagram DM API

Kait provides you with the latest Instagram DM API to help you and your whole team manage all Instagram DMs effectively. Before that, it was only possible to answer the customer comments through the inbox. Now, with the Instagram Direct Message API, you save more time for customer engagement and work more into your business. With Instagram DM API, you can extend in-person services on behalf of your business online. Also, you don’t need to move your inbox to Instagram. The Instagram API will do it for you! It is especially beneficial if you receive a lot of comments, feedback, or direct conversations about your brand’s products and services.

Instagram Comments API

Now, you can post your comments on Instagram with the help of Instagram Comments API. Kait helps you get the most advanced features added to your Instagram Business API. Also, the Instagram official Business API will allow you to access all posts and comments of your Business on Instagram. With this programmatic approach, you can find the correct data for your business or the public data beneficial for your marketing strategies.

Statistics that favors the use of Instagram for your Business

In the year 2020, Instagram was one of the top 5 most downloaded apps. In the second quarter of the year, Instagram was downloaded around 13 million times.

instagram Instagram users gain63% of Instagram users check the app at least once a day, and 42% open them multiple times a day.

instagram business followThe best part is, 90% of Instagram users tend to follow a business. (we all like good pictures and videos)

Instagram for hours a weekAn average Instagram user uses Instagram for hours a week, on average. So, it helps brands to increase customer engagement.

So, Instagram is a big powerhouse to engage your customers. The fact is photos and videos have a direct and unique appeal in the minds of the customers. Backing the claims, here are the benefits of Instagram API for businesses, whether it is Small/MSMEs or large corporations.

Why is Instagram Business API Important for
your online Business

global platform
Global Platform

Instagram is one of the best platforms to sell your products and services to a global audience. The Instagram Graph API allows the business to connect to the Instagram functionalities. So you get a lot of opportunities to connect with the right features to reach the target audience. With Instagram API, you can directly manage your presence on the application with the correct metrics. Plus, with Instagram comment API, you get access to comments, reply or delete them, and hide/unhide, disable/enable the comments on your Instagram media. Thus, making a substantial impact on your brand’s existence for the global audience.

Increase Business Insights
Increase Business Insights

Kait allows you to power your conversational platforms with AI technology. You can know how effective your business strategies are with Instagram Business API. We help you get the best API to reach your target market and allow your business to be open to customers’ feedback/comments/complaints. With the Instagram Messenger API, your brand can connect to customers with the preferred messaging channel.

Enhanced Business Promotion
Enhanced Business Promotion

To promote your Instagram business account entirely, you can search for data-specific hashtags. Plus, Kait allows you to choose AI-driven messaging applications to speed up the process. The best part is you can repost videos, photos, and stories from customers. Thus, it will increase trust in new customers. Moreover, with the help of Instagram Messenger API, your business can gain more loyalty from the prospects. So, double up your Instagram followers to directly impact your brand positively!

business account performance
Monitor Business Account Performance

Instagram API can effectively monitor the performance of your business account. As a business, viewing the photos/videos uploaded by the customers, you get a fair idea about your team’s performance. The feedback says it all, including how your customers are reacting to the products and services. Also, you can limit the comments to your business services and products. It will ensure that the comments column always represents your business and no brand deviation is there.

business brand awareness
Increase Brand Awareness

Instagram allows an excellent level of access. For example, it helps you conduct business events or create promotions while using live streaming features. For instance, if your business provides a venue for special occasions, you can use the live streaming features. It will show the ambiance and the unique charm of the places that you provide to your customers. Or, you can also do the same for other businesses, especially in real estate and e-commerce businesses.

business data content
You can Provide Data on Business Content

Instagram API will help you recognize the popular content for businesses both locally and globally. It is beneficial for your business to conduct a market analysis. It will also collect data that is related to your business. Kait allows you to connect people to the brands and thus, helps your business grow faster and better. Plus, with Instagram Business API, you will explore the popular content to target the marketing location as per your brand’s target audience.

How to get started with Instagram Messaging?

Start Instagram messaging, but before that, establish access to the following:

Instagram Business Account
Accessible Facebook’s developer page
An active Facebook page that is directly connected to your Instagram Account
A registered Facebook App with configured settings

started instagram messaging

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