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Consumers ask questions, and you provide answers on Google's to attract a group audience to your business. Now, when the customers want quick solutions for their problems, they turn to message. Here is where you should take the opportunity to combine the power of Google's search results along with the advantage of messaging.

Make messaging super easy for your customers so that they connect with your brand actively, without any hesitation. Get Kait to help you delight customers to drive the right results from Google's Maps, channels, and Google's Search. Kait gives you custom Google's business messaging solutions with the best communication API.

Benefits of using Google's Business Messages

Create one single platform for all the channels with AI-powered communication APIs. Google's Business Messages gives you an edge to convert leads, with a direct hand in the initial search phases.

Connect Directly
Connect Directly

Your local business searches can prove to be a boon for the users. If you can respond with the right and insightful information, which is helpful by the audience, you score more chances to turn leads into customers. Get this unique opportunity to improve your brand and elevate the customer experience for global and local prospects.

Answers customers' queries in the least time
Answers customers' queries in the least time

Google's Business messaging has this power: To answer the most queries in the least time possible! Kait helps you get the AI-inspired approach with automated features, including chatbots to answer common questions to save your time and score more. It will save your agents' time and open new ways to tackle other users' questions at the same time. Kait's live chatbots can also transfer the chat to a live agent to have a precise resolution in the minimum time.

Get Intelligent Routing Solutions
Get Intelligent Routing Solutions

Kait is the nest name when it comes to managing your customers' queries automatically. With Kait Google's Business Messaging solutions, you can affordably integrate the right communication APIs and route the best routing algorithm. Plus, our AI-powered chatbots are the perfect solutions to address a large volume of queries, with the correct answer, in the minimum resolution time.

Actively Boost Customer Acquisition
Actively Boost Customer Acquisition

For customers, searching their questions on Google is the simplest way to get the correct answers. Undoubtedly, Google's Business Messaging is one of the most convenient ways to get the right impression on leads and prospects. With Kait, you had the opportunity to resolve the customer's queries with the help of attachments. It can be images, videos, or even GIFs. Google has rich media support, which is the best way to get your customers' attention. So, it helps you build loyalty for your brand and encourages people to trust you as a business.

Witness exclusively faster conversions in less time
Witness exclusively faster conversions in less time

Straightforwardly, business messages will allow you to answer and acknowledge business queries. The communication process takes place in real-time; thus, it is one of the most effective ways to build trust among your prospects by delivering the correct information in the desired time. The name, picture, and information about the live agent make it more accepted by the customers as they can trust the info shared. It is one factor that is responsible for elevating your brand reputation to multiple folds. Kait gives you all the tools, and features, with AI-driven Google's Business Messaging solutions to do it right!

Fulfill Additional Messaging Capabilities
Fulfill Additional Messaging Capabilities

With Kait's Business messaging solutions, you get the access to customize your welcome messages, effectively update your working/business hours, etc. You can also add relevant photos, respond to the reviews, and additional profile details of your agent. With Google's Business Messaging solutions, you are free to receive notifications in the way you want. Kait helps you get the desired attention with the best communication APIs built to meet your requirements.

Google's Business messages

Decide to include Google's Business messages with us. Here is why you should join us:

We provide one single dashboard/platform for all channels, including the business messages. We believe you can work better with a unified view of all customers' queries. This saves your time and avoids the need to toggle across different interfaces, screens, and devices. That means we help you increase your productivity and enrich customers' experience with minor efforts.

Kait has been recognized as one of the big names for technology-driven communication API solutions. We give you an intuitive platform to empower monitoring and making the right strategies for your business growth. Kait joins your hand to optimize customer experience and leverage supervising capabilities for better feature-driven API solutions at each step.

We help you cut the costs at each level, with the most affordable pricing for Business APIs solutions in the market today. With Kait, you only pay for the features you use, with no hidden or extra costs.

Plus, Kait is trusted by global brands to make their ideas unique and implementations worth experiencing. Get the right business strategies to work with Google's Business Messaging solutions, with AI-powered chatbot solutions from Kait.

How to get started with Google's Business Messages?

Steps to start using Google's Business Messaging solutions from Kait

How to get Started with Kait
  • 1Sign Up to the Kait account with legit details, including your full name, phone number, and email
  • 2Next click, "yes" to "I agree to the terms."- Rest assured! It's all secured and safe.
  • 3Hit the Sign-Up button at the end.

Congratulations! You are now a Kait user, and now you can choose the latest AI-driven business solutions at the most affordable pricing.

Start with Google's Business messaging with Kait now

You will be on Kait's dashboard as you log in to Kait (as discussed in the above steps)

Next, click the "Google's Messages" banner under "Recommended for you."

Then, under the "Notifications" bar, click "connect."

After this, you will be taken to Subscription Details. Select the right business plan and hit "subscribe to this plan," and you are ready to rule!

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