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Omnichannel Communication with Kait to meet
Your Audience's Needs

Omnichannel communication means establishing the proper conversation across various channels where your customers are! Kait optimizes your brand communication with different electronic devices with customers' chosen channels for flawless, uninterrupted communications. Discover the features we promise- as a part of our dedication to help you make your brand BIG!

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Opt for Consistency
Opt for Consistency

It is necessary to apply current as well as approved corporate branding. Plus, when it comes to your brand, a big one, logos, content fragments, and disclaimers need its addition to all communication from your side. In such cases, leveraging Omni-channel communications is the best option for you. Regardless of the message, your brand should automatically initiate a channel for ease to connect with the audience at the right time and in the right communication channel.

Enable Strategic Oversights
Enable Strategic Oversights

Kait's Omnichannel communication solution gives you the edge to communicate and enable oversight by internal experts. It can be anything to help your branding- legal or marketing. Plus, allowing the oversight of experts helps you manage, track, and approve communications in one go. By leveraging Kait's Omnichannel communication solution, you can distribute, support, and guarantee 100% compliance with all branding standards.

Create Compliance
Create Compliance

How should you be empowering business users to approve and edit content, templates and centralize everything? Kait's Omnichannel communication solution is the best tool to do it in time and with a single click. With our Omnichannel solutions, you can readily assign different content fragments to the right people without any confusion. So, it's an excellent tool for development and assists as a handy strategy for approval.

Conversion Continuity is achieved
Conversion Continuity is achieved

Kait offers you one comprehensive communications management solution. So, you don't have to deal with the hassles of tackling individual issues differently. For example, if you are trying to create personalized communication for different audience segments, Kait's Omnichannel communication platform gives you the power to work with the intelligent dashboard. We suggest working on a single platform because working on several platforms can be more expensive with only a few benefits. Plus, without a systematic Omnichannel communication solution, it will be difficult for you to align your brand across different platforms.

Create Personalized Communication
Create Personalized Communication

With Kait's Omnichannel communication, you are all set to send high-quality, standard, and consistent brand voice to meet your customers' needs. Plus, creating high-volume communications across every channel can further your company's message while leveraging the right tone, language, and customer knowledge with a sense of each of the individual recipients. In addition, Kait's Omnichannel engagement gives your customers the flexibility to re-personalize the communication pattern and adapt well to their needs.

Streamline Operations
Streamline Operations

With this new age, you need to reduce costs and streamline your company's operations. Using Kait's digital delivery can reduce operation costs and facilitate the strategies right. Communications with us are delivered in real-time and a brief adherence to the entire customers' journey. Kait offers you agile, on-demand Omnichannel communication to enhance customer engagement with the right resources, accessible right now!

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Get your strategies right with Kait because the right time to start with Omnichannel communication!

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Omnichannel communication solutions from Kait give you unmatched benefits to connect with your customers.

You get unified customer data and in one place. So, it becomes easier for you to understand your customers' journey. Your brand can effectively personalize customer engagements across different commutation channels with valuable insights from Kait's dashboard. Make quick and wise decisions with our Omnichannel communication solutions to grow your brand indefinitely!

Mark your agent's productivity metrics with us. Kait's Omnichannel dashboard actively empowers your business team to get real-time feedback for all their interactions handled on each channel. So, from now, your agent will be able to meet the critical metrics to improve performance with each conversation. Also, it's a great way to manage all the available resources efficiently.

Omnichannel Communication
Omnichannel Communication

Increases Customer retention with Omnichannel communication

Get increases customer retention with Omnichannel communication strategies. Mark that with Omnichannel communication solutions, you can get customer retention up to 89% and experience a straightaway 9.5% year-on-year addition in your business's annual revenue. Kait's Omnichannel communication solutions allow your customers to engage with your brand in the channels they like. You get a smooth interaction for every communication with our platform.

Get a higher return on investment with Kait's Omnichannel communication options. It is the right time for your business to invest in technology-driven Omnichannel strategies, and Kait offers you an AI-driven approach to meet your customers' requirements. You may expect to quickly gain a 2x-3x ROI increase in the longer run. Boost customer satisfaction and reduce the number of touchpoints with an intelligent Omnichannel communication platform.

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Here are the easy steps to help you get started with Kait's Omnichannel communication- Whatsapp Business API, Instagram API, Google Business Messages, Twitter API, all in one place!

How to get Started with Kait

Three simple steps to sign up to Kait

  • 1Go to the Sign Up Page to register with us.
  • 2Fill in the details- User Name, Name, Email, Password, and your Contact Details.
  • 3Click "I agree to the terms" and hit Sign Up.

You will be driven to Kait's dashboard with options saying, connect WhatsApp/Twitter/Add a welcoming message/Update your business profile. You are now ready to use Omnichannel communication with the displayed channels- WhatsApp channel, Instagram channel, Google messages, Twitter channel.

Kait's Intelligent Dashboard

Kait's intelligent dashboard gives you complete information about the connected channels and provides metrics with more significant insights. Further, you can click the channel section on the left side pane to find the details of the tracks and media you are connected to for your brand.

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