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Features from Kait cover you all!

KAIT is Kuwait's leading whatsapp business app serving all the GCC countries, such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates and worldwide. With the WhatsApp API features, small and large-scale businesses can compete on a global scale. We can integrate the WhatsApp API for businesses for the ultimate ease of reaching the right target audience through context-aware and intelligent messaging.

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Get a centralized and intelligent dashboard
Get a centralized and intelligent dashboard

Directly receive orders from social media channels and messaging apps. We make customer management more effortless with a shared team Inbox with automated features in the market. It allows multiple users to sign in to the dashboard-all at once! Together track the critical metrics with Kait’s WhatsApp business API.

automated Notification
Receive automated transactional product updates and notifications

You get excellent read and response rates for transactional notifications with Kait’s WhatsApp API. Also, you get access to product and service alerts, updates, OTPs, and more, with quick integration to trigger WhatsApp messages from your backend systems, mobile applications, CRM applications, and more!

customer self-service
A modern way to seamless customer

AI drives the world now! Kait provides the best WhatsApp business API solution with real-time two-way customer support. With cost-effective “session messages.” Automatically implement conversational messaging with integrated APIs to send and receive alerts and notifications. Thereby you reduce your operational cost by advanced automated responses to routine customer queries in minutes.

Create a progressive and engaging customer experience

Create a progressive and engaging customer experience

Feature-rich communications to build brand trust

Straightway cut through the noise to take advantage of 75% read rates and 15% click-through rates. Send rich promotional messages with the WhatsApp business feature.

Support your customers on WhatsApp with automated WhatsApp API

Automation can handle your tickets three times faster than phone calls. Send delivery updates, order updates, reminders, notifications, and more quickly with integrated WhatsApp API for business.

Provide reliable and quick customer care

Manage session expiration, participants, and archives without a single line of additional code with Kait’s conversational API.

Kait AI-driven chatbot

Revolutionize your customer’s service with Kait’s AI-driven chatbot

AI-Inspired chatbot solution

We connect your business to the clients through their favorite communication channels. Use AI-driven WhatsApp business APIs to make customer service quick, fast, and effective.

Get more done with intelligent API features

Use our automatic intent recognition to route topic-specific messages to the suitable agents effectively. Also, create click-to ads to build highly engaging Facebook ads for WhatsApp chat conversation.

Quickly integrated WhatsApp business API solution provider

Quickly integrated WhatsApp business API solution provider

Drive functional responses across your business

Set up Google places through flow creation to look up to the closest location of your business. Integrate Google forms and readily link with WhatsApp for ultimate communication ease.

Fetch data from third-party sources to enhance metrics

Pull and push data from third-party sources using advanced features and HTTP requests. Kait’s WhatsApp business API and Inbox allow you to build a conversation with your customers quickly.


Advanced feature-rich and enriching programmable API offers enormous benefits for your
business to stand out among others.

api integration
You get simple API integration

Kait’s business API solution offers features to integrate your REST API into your existing systems.

Get integrated with AI-developed automatic responses to check your customer queries queue.

branded messenging
Say yes to branded messaging

Make your business a “verified business” to build trust for your customers. Create a trustworthy impression with phone details of your business on WhatsApp. You can either migrate from the existing BSP or bring your own phone number.

attract customer
Get rich messaging to impress your customers?

Send and receive rich text, files (e.g., PDFs and word documents), images, videos, locations, quick responses, CTAs on WhatsApp quickly.

branded sticker
Branded stickers will enhance your customer acknowledgment

Add a little extra to your idiomatic expression with branded stickers. And thus create a memorable and easy-to-go customer experience.

interactive button
Interactive buttons make it super-impressive

Add quick replies with interactive AI-inspired buttons for messaging beyond simple texts. It makes it easier for users to perform purchases and trust your customer support.

Message Types for Business Initiated and User-Initiated Conversations

Message Templates for Business Initiated conversations

Initiating conversation with the users means using message templates. These message templates are pre-approved by WhatsApp. Send notifications, reminders, alerts, updates, and more. Plus, images, pdfs, and other media message templates apart from simple text messages.

Chat messages for user-initiated conversations

If a user sends a query to your WhatsApp business accent, you can directly send messages to that user without template messages. Moreover, it comprises a 24 hours support window, and there are no fees for chat messages.

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Advanced-Data Privacy and Security for your Business

A compliance check is essential to stay updated and secure at the same time! Kait’s technical setup, with a variety of top features, strictly adheres to privacy regulations.

End-to-End Encryption

Messages between Kait’s servers and your servers are all end-to-end encrypted via HTTP. Therefore, WhatsApp cannot read or respond to any of the conversations between you and your customer.

Adherence to Data Protection

There are no conversations or messages that are archived on Kait’s side. The WhatsApp business AI from Kait does not access the customer’s address books or their phone details. We comply strictly with data protection standards for all customers.

Highly Secure Transmission

Kait provides various secure transmission options, including TLS or VPN tunnels. These protect messages throughout the transmission journey to prevent any data breaching or exposure.

Secure and Advanced Data Processing

We cannot read phone numbers provided on the WhatsApp network. The phone details are directly translated to the routing IDs. Within Kait’s data centers, before they get tracked to the WhatsApp networks.

data privacy
Why chose Kait
Why Choose Us?

With its easy integration with social media channels by using our AI-Powered conversational platform, Kait can take your business to the next level of customer service, marketing & sales.

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Join Kait with easy steps

Get started with WhatsApp for Business API in just three quick steps!

Sign up with Kait

Sign up with Kait

We, as a business, have to go through a business verification system. So, as the first step, you can sign up with the Kait account. Then, you can set up your WhatsApp business account in less than ten steps, easily and quickly, with our AI-driven WhatsApp API solutions.

Setup and Integration

Setup and Integration

Once your business is approved, the next thing is we configure your account. In this process, you can create your message templates and effectively integrate them with API. Or you can use the Engagement Platform and Support Inbox.

Kait Live

Finally, it’s time for you to go live

It doesn’t matter whether you start small or big. All it matters is your presence for customer’s conversations and queries. You can test all the functionalities internally, improve and iterate your solutions. You have the flexibility to go live when you are all set to start your WhatsApp business.

WhatsApp Promotional Messages

Kait offers fast, reliable, and quick delivery through the advanced WhatsApp Business API. First, get started with non-transactional messages with Kait’s AI-Drive chatbots. Then, say yes to multichannel marketing with promotional messages on WhatsApp to build a profound customer base. This new shift gives your brand an upper hand, to give users a more intimate channel to know about your company’s products and services.

Kait Social Promotion Marketing

Use Cases for Promotional Messaging


From marketing your business’s products on different social media, it’s time to expand further. For example, you can easily send marketing messages ranging from coupons and gifts or app downloads.

Cart Abandonment

If a user abandons the shopping cart, remind them of the items in their cart that need their response. Then, you can use the trigger message to judge them about their shopping cart abandonment.

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Build with Kait to Grow Your Business in Real

  • ✓ Get Best-in-Class API Channels to keep up the conversation with your customers.
  • ✓ Reach out to the global audience that supports more than millions of developers
  • ✓ Use Kait’s powerful serverless tools and services and fully programmable solutions that deploy your requisites in seconds
  • With 89% of people in Kuwait using Kait’s WhatsApp business API solution, be a part of a growing community. Reach your target customers where they are- with 2.5 billion users on WhatsApp now! We help you connect your business to the customers with technologically advanced communication channels with the highest level of data protection.

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    Affordable Pricing Plans

    WhatsApp Business Pricing
    WhatsApp Business Pricing

    Kait offers a fair and straightforward pricing plan for AI-developed automatic response solutions for your business. You can choose the best package that fits your business requirements and upgrade when you want! You get all features, including the Request Management System, in the Kait’s Gold Package with affordable pricing options.

    WhatsApp Pricing Calculator
    WhatsApp Pricing Calculator

    Kait’s WhatsApp Business pricing calculator enables you to determine the right plan for your business before the signup process. With this, you can easily calculate message costs per country. Plus, it also allows you to calculate per activated number in just a few clicks. It becomes easier when you can download the overview of the cost with us.


    Is WhatsApp business API free?

    No, WhatsApp Business API isn't Free. Only Procurement of WhatsApp Business API is free if you choose Kait as your WhatsApp partner. But, you'd need to pay WhatsApp Conversation charges for Business & User Initiated Conversations as well as platform charges for using a WhatsApp Business API-based platform like Kait.

    What is the WhatsApp Business API Pricing in Kuwait?

    In Kuwait, from Kait there are no Setup fees for Whatsapp.

    How can I get WhatsApp Business API?

    To get WhatsApp Business API, you need to connect with a WhatsApp Partner like Kait. With Kait, you can create a free WhatsApp Business API Account & try it in a 14-Day Free Trial.

    Can I send automated messages using WhatsApp Business API?

    You can automate WhatsApp messages to your customers like welcome messages, order/ payment confirmations, abandoned cart notifications, application drop-off notifications & more by connecting your CRM/ Business Software with Kait.

    Can we integrate Chatbots using WhatsApp Business API?

    Yes, you can integrate WhatsApp Chatbots with a WhatsApp Business API-based platform like Kait. The process is easy & you can do it yourself by reading the Chatbot Tutorial posted on our website. If not, you can ask our team to create it for you!

    WhatsApp API FAQ