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Ten Best WhatsApp Marketing Softwares You Never Thought Of!

Dec 03, 2023 4 min read

Ten Best WhatsApp Marketing Softwares You Never Thought Of!

Businesses can use WhatsApp for marketing and promotional purposes. There are several WhatsApp marketing software programs available on the market. To use the WhatsApp business API, you need to get the right software for your business. You should choose marketing software that offers all the services at once. It should include everything from WhatsApp broadcasting to WhatsApp live chat, WhatsApp automation, and chatbots.

Using a bulk WhatsApp sender provides several benefits. Here is why you should use WhatsApp bulk sender. WhatsApp is one of the most used messenger apps, so it helps you connect with your customers easily and quickly. Marketing software lets you chat with your customers live and build strong customer relationships. Quick replies help increase customer satisfaction and resolve queries. As WhatsApp is the most used messenger app, the number of open rates and click-throughs you get is super high. It provides much higher open rates and click-throughs than emails and SMS. WhatsApp also helps to send messages to a huge number of people with one click, and thus, it helps to increase conversion rates. WhatsApp marketing is also very affordable. The return on investment you get is much greater than the cost incurred. All in all, WhatsApp helps to provide high customer support and satisfaction. Lastly, official marketing software also gets you a green verified tick, increasing your business's credibility.

Below are the top ten software programs you can consider using for your WhatsApp marketing. The top ten WhatsApp software programs are Kait Technologies, infobip, Respond.io, Zoko, Interakt, Wati, Delight Chat, Gallabox, Picky Assist, and Trengo.

Kait Technologies

Kait Technologies is one of the best WhatsApp software programs available on the market. It helps you connect with thousands of users and scale up your business drastically. It just takes ten minutes to get your business account for free via this software. It sends broadcast messages to unlimited users and provides active customer support through WhatsApp. It automates payments, order confirmation, and delivery automation via WhatsApp automation. It provides customer support around the clock via WhatsApp chatbots, and a multi-human live chat option is also there. It also gives a free trial for fourteen days.


Infobip is omnichannel, meaning it can manage communications on multiple platforms, like emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., through one dashboard. It provides basic features like broadcasting, automated notifications, and chatbots. Apart from these, they also offer mobile applications, strong customer support, and multiple integrations.

It also has some disadvantages, like being costly compared to other software. The user interface or outlook of this software is easy but very old school, and as it is omnichannel, WhatsApp is not their primary expertise. They provide 100 conversational points as a free trial. For the pricing, it provides customized pricing for every business, so you need to connect with their customer support to inquire about a quotation for your business.


It is also another WhatsApp software that provides all the basic features. It is also omnichannel-like Infobip. It is easy to use and offers unlimited free messaging for up to hindered customers. It is very costly compared to other software and provides customer support only via email; thus, it takes 2-3 days to reply. They offer a free three-day trial where you can send unlimited messages to up to 50 contacts. Their monthly base plan is $27.17, which is suitable for small businesses. Another plan for $74.03 per month is available for large businesses.


Zoko is useful software if you own an e-commerce business. It provides an easy-to-use UI. It provides features like cart recovery, COD confirmation, delivery notifications, etc., which is helpful for any e-commerce business. It also provides a mobile application, and human live chat is also available. Their disadvantage is that their pricing is very high. They don't offer free trials, and their target customers are us users, not Indian users. Their base plan is $31.80 per month, and their business plan is $190.29 per month. They also charge extra per conversation.


This software lets you send bulk messages and automated notifications using a multi-agent team box. It provides free green tick verification and tracks analytics. They don't offer WhatsApp chatbots and smart dashboard features. They only provide email support, so this delay in conversation can happen. They also provide a free trial for fourteen days. Their base plan is $11.98, and their growth plan is $29.99. There is a limit of 3500 users in the growth plan, after which they charge $0.012 per contact.


Wati is a product of the parent company, Claire.ai. No code chatbot is available in this software, and a basic keyboard-based chatbot is available in the basic plan. It does not provide a message template, strategy, or consultation. A verification tick is also not provided. It provides a 7-day free trial but does not offer much value as you can't send broadcast messages to your contacts. It offers two plans: the standard plan is for $34.80 per month, and the professional plan is for $69.61 per month.


This software is designed especially for E-commerce businesses. It is also an omnichannel platform that allows you to send messages to various other platforms. Mobile applications are also available, providing ROI tracking with analytics. WhatsApp chatbot integration is unavailable, and user cases are limited to E-commerce businesses. They offer a 14-day free trial. Their base plan is $27.0042 per month, and their growth plan is $234.3965 per month. Excess charges are applied if you exceed the limited number of support tickets.


Thai software uses the official WhatsApp business API. Its no-code chatbot can be set up in minutes. It provides a shared team inbox, which allows easy collaboration. However, they could have improved their analytics. They offer a 14-day free trial. Their growth plan is for $24.0037 per month, and their pro plan is for $78.01 per month. They charge extra for additional agents. The charges are $18.0028 per agent.


It is one of the most affordable software available. It provides a free green tick for verification. Other services like automation and broadcast messages are available. The UI of this software is not good, and they do not provide good customer support. They give you $1.8003 to try their services. Their plan starts at as low as $4.5487 per month, and other plans available are for $31.877 per month.


It allows you to provide customer support via various channels like WhatsApp, Emails, messenger, etc. It has a friendly UI and multiple-channel support. They do not have a WhatsApp chatbot builder. Their pricing is a little high for new businesses. They provide a 14-day free trial. Their standard plan is $16.8026 per agent, and their enterprise plan is $37.5058 per agent.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right WhatsApp marketing software is very important. While selecting the software, you should keep your WhatsApp market goals clear and evaluate software features, UI, and pricing. Verify the vendor's reputation before finalizing the software. Also, remember to take a free trial before you buy, as it will help you understand if the software is helpful for your business or not.