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How do I send a custom message on WhatsApp?

With the help of Whatsapp templates, you can send custom messages on Whatsapp. Through these specific formats of messages, you can customize your notification updates. Creating a message template is super easy. Follow the below steps to create your own customized message template.

Further, adding the content to your template is the main thing that you would be focusing on. If you want sample content, click on Add Sample button. Indeed, it is instrumental in the approval template process, so ensure this information does not contain any financial, personal, or private information.

You will have to give the header content, body, footer content, along with the buttons. Text or media can be placed in the header as an option. The main message of your update should be in the body section, and unique information can be placed here. The footer should contain a short line about your message, placed at the bottom of your message.

Buttons in the template messages are generally the quick reply buttons or call-to-action. Depending on your messages, it helps your customers quickly respond to your messages or take any other further action. So, creating a custom message on Whatsapp is beneficial because it contains your brand name, along with your choices to address your valuable customers.