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How do I use WhatsApp templates

The first step to using WhatsApp templates is to create message templates for your business account. Whatsapp templates are specific message formats in which businesses send notifications and updates to their customers. So, before you begin to use WhatsApp templates, you must sign up for business manager. Further, you need to create a WhatsApp business account for the WhatsApp Business API.

Here are the steps to follow on creating message templates

Note: If you are handling multiple Whatsapp accounts, select the respective account from the drop-down menu where a message template needs to be created.

Now, you will see that your template is sent for review, and check out the status under Message Templates. Only after your message has been approved can you work with your developers to have the new message template into the API.

There are different WhatsApp notification categories including, Alert Update, Account Update, Auto-Reply, Issue-Resolution, and more. Whatsapp template messages help you send customized messages to your clients and customers with great ease, with a pre-defined message design. It is beneficial to enhance your customer’s experience and make the most out of Whatsapp API.