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What are WhatsApp template messages?

A Whatsapp template message is a pre-defined message format that a business uses to send customer care messages to the customers. Companies can send notification-type messages to their clients and customers with the help of Whatsapp template messages.

Whatsapp template messages are customizable messages, which are pre-approved and may have media headers, Call-to-Action Buttons, and Quick Replies. These are also called Highly Structured Messages, as businesses can register their content for their most commonly used messages.

For communication to occur, the customer has a say whether or not they wish to receive a message from a business. There are two ways through which they can indicate this:

So, if a customer sends a message to the business, the business has a service-window applicable or 24-hours from receiving the message. This 24-hour window allows firms to reply to the customer free of cost. Generally, it gets accomplished with the help of a service agent or a chatbot. If the business cannot get back to the customer in 24 hours, the service window collapses.

Further now, the business can send only pre-approved Whatsapp template messages to ask the customers whether or not to continue the conversation. Secondly, if a customer opts in to receive notifications through WhatsApp, the updates come in template messages. The notifications can include anything from delivery updates, booking notifications, and payment confirmation. Check out Facebook’s guidelines to know more about how opt-in works and the rules associated with it.