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How To Send 1000 Messages at Once on WhatsApp?

How To Send 1000 Messages at Once on WhatsApp?

Sending bulk messages on WhatsApp is now possible in easy steps.Here are the steps which you need to follow to send 1000 messages on Whatsapp at once using Kait’s Dashboard.

Following are the simple steps to Send 1000 messages on Whatsapp at once

Bulk messages are beneficial to disseminate, attract or retain, and carry out specific promotional campaigns about a product and a service. Bulk messaging is one feature that is used by most companies today to promote their brand. The plus point to using bulk messaging is that it can be implemented on multiple channels. With Kait, you can use as many messages as you want with the customizations of your choice.

Note that most of the third-party Whatsapp solution providers may charge expensively, whereas Kait doesn't. However, you can get the most affordable solutions for WhatsApp API, chatbots, integrations with CRM, and others at the most affordable range. Plus, sending 1000 messages on Whatsapp is now easier with Kait's dashboard, where you can manage your business messages, customers' replies, all in one place.

In case of any queries, please talk to Kait’s customer support team.